Commercial Services

Lighting, Electrical, EV Charging & Security

Electrical & Engineering Services

Electrical & Engineering Services

  • Nationwide¬†Engineering and Electrical
  • Design, Permits, Installation & Maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs & Replacement
  • Service in any City or State
  • Long-Lasting Client Relationships
  • Top Corporation Clients
  • 20 Years of Outstanding Service
  • On time and On Budget
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EV Charging

Video & Analytics

Facility & Store Maintenance

Energy & The Environment

Intrusion & Card Access

Lifts & Conveyor Systems

Emergency Services

“I have interacted with almost everyone at Eagle Systems. Everyone has made it a point to know our environment, document our changes, and speak with our IT staff, as well as general users, with knowledge, compassion, and understanding.”

Edwin Kelly, Manager Telecommunications Engineering